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    adding class in JSON File


      Hello everybody,


      I have a JSON_File whith different content inside like so:



              "title": "LEMON",

              "description": "frame01",

                "frame01": "_01.png"



              "title": "POTATO",

              "description": "frame02",

                "frame02": "_02.png"



      In the library there is a symbol named "template" where the information

      placed from the JSON-Data whith "sym.createChildSymbol".




                         template.$("frame").css("background-image", "url("+item.frame0+")");




      Is it possible to give the different content_data a class (for example fruit and vegetable)


      and ask in edge only for the class "fruit" to sort the icons one after another in a content-container ?


      Am I thinking in the wrong direction?





      Right now I walk through the different parameters an pull the content inside the template,

      this works fine. But how to apart fruit from vegetable?


      Any help would be fine.