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    How to create an intro similar to the Mary Tyler Moore Show

    Lady Novarose

      Hi Everyone,


         This is literally my first attempt at working with After Effects. I was wondering how to create an intro similar to the text animation found in this Mary Tyler Moore Show intro video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z1GC6yXZ4e4


         I have been able to create a similar effect where the text is a yellow/green with the blue background, but I was wondering how to multiply the text as it appears in that youtube video and how it seemlessly spreads out of the center text. I've searched for youtube tutorials but haven't had any luck. Since I am unfamiliar with all of the terminology of after effects I felt perhaps I wasn't searching for the right term. I did look at the preset text animations but there weren't any that demonstrated what I had in mind. I need to figure this out soon because I'm putting together a video that needs to be completed in a few weeks.


      Thanks in advanced for any advice you could share.