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    Lightroom Resizing of Photos for PrE Pan and Zoom

    whsprague Adobe Community Professional

      Not knowing better, I tried my first PrE slide show project with huge RAW stills.  It worked without crashing or stalling. 


      For a year I've been learning and practiceing with Lightroom and like it a lot.  It has a very convient risizing tool. 


      I'm confused on a setting.  Bill Hunt used Photoshop in the article linked by John Smith.  It does not mention "pixels per inch".  Also, I'm setting the "long edge" at 1.5 x the original's 1920 to make room for Pan and Zoom. 


      I don't know what to do with "pixel per inch" to match or optimize for a AVCHD 1080p project.  I'm guessing at 140.


      Screen shot of Lightroom export page:


      Lightroom Export 2.JPG


      Do these setting look like they make sense?  Should the pixels per inch be different?