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    Intermittent problem with HTTPService

      Hello all -

      I've been having a fairly strange problem using the mx:HTTPService. I use a custom app to serve XML documents to my Flex application, and everything works just fine ... until it doesn't. Even though I can confirm that entire, complete XML documents are being transmitted by my server app, occasionally the HTTPService generates a fault, complaining that the document is not well-formed. Examining the event in the debugger reveals that sure enough, the XML has been truncated at some random point.

      This failure happens fairly often, but not in any predictable way. Retrying a request sometimes pulls in the exact same document successfully, sometimes it fails again. This really doesn't seem like a user error, since the documents do load successfully sometimes but not others.

      Has anyone else seen this or have any ideas?

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          Arijit C Adobe Employee
          If this is a HTTPService related issue it should also reproduce on other platforms. Just to figure if this is a Linux player issue can you check if this issue reproduces on a Win or Mac machine?
          From the issue it seems that all you would need to do is run the Flex app on the other platform, right?
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            Thᛰr Level 1
            Finding a Windows machine has been difficult. I finally found one guy who had one, and the app ran OK on his machine, but that was a production player in IE on Windows, and I am finding the problem on a box with a debug 9.0.115 player in Firefox on Linux.

            I'll try to change just one variable at a time, but I won't be able to until after the holidays.

            Merry Christmas, all, BTW