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    I need help again!

    Nohjekim Level 1



      This is driving me crazy, I discussed this before and I did manage to get it to work once.

      But I don't know how and I can't repeat it.


      I need to scale the video clip from one key frame to the next, but every time I change the size at either key frame it changes for the whole clip.


      PE 12 Motion copy.jpg


      In video 1 I want it to stay at 100% until the first key frame, and then change to 110% gradually until key frame 2 and stay there until the end.

      I swore that I was going to figure it out on my own and not bother you guys, but after spending an hour messing with it and searching all the help files I could find I still didn't find anything that describes the process.


      What I've done is set  both key frames to Bezier then I set the marker on frame 1, but then what?

      There doesn't seem to be any activate button, other then the Toggle Animation button, but that doesn't seem to do anything.  It just says that it will remove any previous key frames but I don't see anything happen when I click it.


      So I move to key frame 2 and I change the scaling on the clip to 110% I click the Animation button since there isn't' anything else to click (I've tried not clicking anything too) and the whole clip changes to 110%.


      What is the step by step process to change the size between the key frames .

      I just don't know what I'm missing.




      Never mind, I finally found the little arrow that changes it from Opacity to Motion!!!

      I should have noticed that it said Opacity in the bar, but my eyes aren't that great anymore and it's pretty small.


      I go to have eye surgery in a couple of weeks.

      Hopefully it will be better after that, but I have my fingers crossed.


      My old partner in the graphic design business has vision so bad he can't drive any more.

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          What were you doing...keyframing at the Timeline rubberband level where the default for the rubberband is Opacity?


          Have you tried the Applied Effects/Applied Effects Palette/Motion Panel expanded options for your keyframing?


          But, the rubberband way is convenient.


          Good job at resolving the issue.



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            Nohjekim Level 1



            That's where I was changing the size, but I couldn't get it to stick until I changed the setting for the video to motion, that's what I was missing.

            I think that I've go it now, except that I don't get what the Toggle Animation button if for, since it removes the key frames.



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              Where are you now....on Premiere Elements 10 or 12 on Windows 8 64 bit?


              That Toggle Animation is for initiating the automatic keyframing process wherein you move the Timeline Indicator and make an adjustment in the property, leave a keyframe, and then move on to the next Timeline Indicator position and another adjustment in the property. As you proceed you can introduce manual keyframes.


              While you are still in that process, if you click on the Toggle Animation button again and select Yes for the pop up message, then you will wipe out your keyframes that you have done.


              Please let me know if it would be helpful for me to post some screenshots which would include the stragetic buttons in the process and keyframing (from Motion Panel expanded) as well as viewing the keyframes.



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                Nohjekim Level 1



                I'm using PE 12, in Windows 8 64 bit.


                I'm trying to not over stress it and it's working better but still a little laggy.


                My icons for Effects, transitions, etc. have vanished again, after working for a couple of days.

                They actually come and go, I have had them show up and then disappear again.


                That's one issue I'd really like to get fixed, but I don't have a clue why it would do that.


                I think I've got the motion thing down now, I used in in this video to make the background zoom in when the camera moves in on Lucy.




                It adds another capability, I can see different layers moving at different speeds to give the illusion of depth.


                Bye for now.



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                  Just a quick note.


                  Your subtle zoom with Lucy and background was very well done.