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    Premiere Pro CC, Quadro 4000 and Screen Redraw bugs


      Not sure if it's just the 7.1 update, but i think i started seeing it in the previous version.


      When i start using transitions then my main UI screen redraw messes up. So for example pop a wipe onto some footage then the timeline bar doesn't move when playing and i cannot click the sequence footage elements. I can play in the monitor. If i guess where the close box is for the sequence and open the sequence again it redraws correctly.


      I've updated the drivers to the latest versions and also confirmed on a different PC that the problem isn't there. So it's unique to my set up.


      I'm running on Win 7 x64, 32GB. About the only recent change to my system was a 10Gbe card but i've duplicated the problem just with local drives.


      In fact it's as simple as if i start up CC then click the project tab, media browser tab, info tab, effects tab the search box in the effects tab doesn't redraw fully.


      Any ideas what could be causing this?


      (I do have a decklink extreme in there but have got the output turned off at the moment - tried it on and off- same problem)


      I really don't remember this happening in the past but it was the transitions that revealed it, and i don't normally use them.