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    Unable to allocate 0.000 MB of memory




      I'm running after effects CC on a Macbook Pro, with 16 GB of Ram and 70 GB of free space running OS Maverick.


      After I've had the program open for about 10-30 minutes I get a dialogue that says:


      "Unable to allocate 0.000 MB of memory, Either decrease the memory requirements for rendering of this frame, or install more RAM...."


      I didn't have this problem with CS6... The Dialogue basically cripples the program, as hitting OK simply brings up another identical message and makes it impossible to fix or change anything. I have to force quit... There tends to be a grace period of 10 minutes or which I can work in before it starts happening again.


      Is this a bug, is there a trick in the setting to stop this error message? The program seems to perform just fine untill this warning box pops up.