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    Problème Premiere Elements 10


      (English below)




      j'ai Adobe Premiere Elements 10 avec lequel je rencontre un problème (j'y viens plus loin).


      J'ai consulté l'aide en ligne qui m'a conseillé de télécharger la dernière version de Premiere Elements (v12) en version d'essai et d'y insérer le numéro de série de ma v10.


      J'ai bien téléchargé la v12, mais au moment d'insérer le numéro de série, un message m'indique que le numéro n'est pas valable. Je précise que j'ai préalablement désinstallé la v10.


      Ma première question : une clé Premiere Elements v10 fonctionne-t-elle sur une v12 ?


      Deuxième question : mon problème avec la v10 était que la fenêtre de prévisualisation en haut à gauche (ce que j'appelle le moniteur) n'affichait plus rien lorsque je réalisais mes montages. Je n'ai touché à aucun réglage, le problème est survenu du jour au lendemain. Seul changement : j'ai effectué une grosse MAJ de ma carte graphique hier (une NVIDIA GeForce GT 530), mais je doute que le problème vienne de là...


      D'avance merci pour votre aide.






      I have Premiere Elements 10 with which I have a problem (I'll explain this later).


      The online help advised me to download the latest version of Premiere Elements (i.e. v12) in trial version and enter the serial number of my v10.


      I have downloaded the v12 but when I entered the serial number a message informed me that the number was not correct. Please note that I had uninstalled my v10 before.


      First question: does a serial number for a v10 work for a v12?


      Second question: my problem with my v10 is that the preview screen on the top left corner (what I call a monitor) shows a blank screen. I haven't changed any of my settings. The only thing I changed is that I made a big update of my graphics card. But I doubt the problem comes from this update.


      Thanks in advance for your help.




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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Serial numbers are specific by version... a v10 number will not work with v12... which you have already discovered


          >made a big update of my graphics card. But I doubt the problem comes from this update


          There have been problems with a recent nVidia driver... do you have nVidia, and what is your driver version number?

          IF you have nVidia... How to determine your nVidia driver version

          Right click in any open area of the Windows desktop

          Select NVIDIA Control Panel from the popup window

          Select SYSTEM INFORMATION at the lower left corner

          Driver version should be the 1st line in Details

          I have a GTX285 using driver 296.10 and Win7

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            Superrobby Level 1

            Hi John,


            thanks for your help.


            yep, it's a NVIDIA... it's a GeForce GT 530 driver (Windows 7).


            you think the problem come from that?

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              You seem to have missed recent threads here regarding widespread display problems targeting Premiere Elements 10 users with NVIDIA video cards.


              Please check out the recent thread where I have tried to compile most of these reports.



              For now, the answer is not to go for the latest version of the video card driver, but rather to roll it back.


              You may want to contact NVIDIA directly regarding the specifics of your situation. Apparently it has helped some who sought help there.


              But, the roll back has helped quite as few as you can tell from the thread.


              We look forward to your progress.




              Add On...where exactly did you get your information on the use of Premiere Elements serial numbers? Adobe Chat or elsewhere?

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                Superrobby Level 1

                Hi ATR,


                thanks for your reply.


                I'll get in touch with NVIDIA but this seems to be a hell of a problem since I have no idea what my previous version of the video card driver was.


                But well... if there is no other option, I'll have to do that...


                thanks again.





                about the version question, it was on the French site of Adobe. Can't remember how I got that answer. Wasn't a forum... just some kind of help stuff...

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                  A.T. Romano Level 7





                  I always write that problems with the same symptoms can (often do) have different causes.


                  So, it will be interesting to learn of your results.


                  Looking forward to further developments when you get the time.



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                    Superrobby Level 1

                    right... thing is that I only use this computer once or twice a week (it's in a house where I go only from time to time) thus I won't be able to solve this problem propably before a week or two....


                    I'll let you know.


                    thanks again.