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    Can users save and edit at a later date?


      My client is looking for a form to be hosted on his site that can be acessed by customers, saved and edited at a later date. Each customer will need their own form and probably make monthly updates to it over a 6 month period. Can this happen with Adobe forms? Can each customer securly acess their own form?

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          Genevieve Laroche Adobe Employee

          This is not something that is supported in FormsCentral. Soon people will be able to save their work in progress in the online form but once the data is submitted the filler can't modified what they sent.


          You could have something using the PDF form. The filler could submit then save the PDF form locally. Next month they can reopen that local form, see the data they submitted since it is saved in the PDF. Do some modifications and re-submit. This will be a new entry in the response table (in other words it will not modify the original submission).