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    Glitchy multicam editing in CS5.5

    ntreuter Level 1

      Hey guys, I'm working on finishing up a wedding video. I've noticed some bizarre behavior in Premiere Pro CS5.5 multicam section.


      The sequence I"m working on is about 45 minute long and I just finished adding in Neat Vido for denoising certain components after all my color correction / etc.


      The ceremony portion has a Multicam section in it where I used a few cameras. Anyways. when rendering out the final video, I have two "blips", single frames, on the opposite ends of a cut point that are from the opposite clip. So I expect it to be like this:



      MC1 MC1 MC1 MC1 MC1 (CUT POINT) MC2 MC2 MC2 MC2 MC2


      But I am getting:

      MC1 MC1 MC2 MC1 MC1 (CUT POINT) MC2 MC2 MC2 MC1 MC2


      There is no additional cut at those point, it's just a random rogue frame in a normal clip. I trimmed it out and reimported it and it persists. The original footage is totally fine.



      Then, I shut down premiere and restart it. Now, that went away. Instead, I have this wierd out-of-place frame in 2 spots on the same clip. So it should be:


      MC1frame1 MC1frame2 MC1frame3 MC1frame4 MC1frame5 MC1frame6 MC1frame7 MC1frame8


      But instead I am getting:


      MC1frame1 MC1frame2 MC1frame4 MC1frame3 MC1frame5 MC1frame6 MC1frame7


      It's really bizarre. These clips were fine and a video I rendered just the day before was A-OK.


      Any ideas what is going on here?