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    Premiere CC on OS X 10.9 Mavericks crashing 'exporterquicktimehost.bundle'


      I recently updated to  Mavericks on my Imac (OS X 10.9).  Whilst I'm not certain this is the issue a short time later my Premiere CC just refuses to run any more on my machine.


      After starting up the computer Premiere will launch but when attempting to import/export or renderany clips (mov or mp4) it will crash.  On quitting if I restart Premiere CC it will stall on the splash screen on 'Loading ExporterQuicktimeHost.Bundle.'


      I've searched all over relevent forums online and tried everything I can find relating to running Premire on Mavericks and alsoforo the 'ExporterQuicktimeHost.Bundle' issue.  I've deleted plug-ins (including MagicBullet), moved ExporterQuicktimeHost.Bundle from my common folder, re-installed Mavericks and Premiere, changed language settings etc etc etc....


      As much as I am kicking myself for upgrading to Mavericks, the situation is getting serious for me, I've spent 2 days trying to fix this and I need to deliver edit's to clients.  As it stands I cannot even open my existing projects.


      Any help/ideas will be hugely appreciated!!