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    XMP metadata applying to clips across network

    smith.c.m Level 1

      Hi all,

      We are using Adobe Premiere CC in a multi edit NAS environement where all projects and media are all stored on the NAS. Clients are connected via SMB to the share.


      What I am trying to be able to do is have assisstant editors add markers and metadata to clips using prelude and have this metadata update for editors using premiere across the network. This works really well locally. You can add any metadata, markers, etc, and see these changes reflected almost immediately on the clip in premiere. But i just tried to open the same clip on another machine on the network and it did not recognise the metadata. Has anyone else had any expereince making this work over the network? Do i need to set the XMP to write next to the media file? or set the media chache of all edit stations to a shared folder on the NAS? If I can make this work it would make for a really efficient workflow!


      Thanks in advance!


      Chris Smith