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    Catch 22. Help me fix this please


      I upgraded windows to 8.1. It fixed all sorts of problems I was having so that was good.

      But then I was getting flash errors telling me I wans't using the right version.

      so I tried upgrading to the 8.1 64 bit version. It told me I was already running that version.

      So then I thought, fine - I'll uninstall it completly and reinstall. I used the uninstaller program I downloaded.

      it said it worked.

      it didn't as I looked at my 'programs' list and there it was. So I uninstalled it from the programs list.

      Poof. It was gone.

      I went to reinstall it.

      Can't install because it claims I still have that upgraded version. it's nowhere to be found on my computer anywhere.


      I've got nothing and I have no idea where to go from here.