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    How does internal Flash update server get updated?


      I just set up the directories described in the admin guide into a server running IIS7 and copied the Z files into the structure following these instructions:


      7. Copy the installer files (.z files) to the fp-major-version/install directory created in Step 2.

      When finished, you see something similar to the following:


      http://your.server.com/pub/flashplayer/update/current/sau/11/install/install_all_win_ax_sg n.z

      http://your.server.com/pub/flashplayer/update/current/sau/11/install/install_all_win_pl_sg n.z

      http://your.server.com/pub/flashplayer/update/current/sau/11/install/install_all_mac_pl_sg n.z

      Configure clients

      • Create an mms.cfg file with the following entries (replacing your.server.com with the name of your server):




      • Deploy Flash Player 11.3 or higher.

      • Deploy the mms.cfg to all clients for which you want the Background Updater redirected to your internal server.


      I'm guessing that the clientsthat are configured with the mms.cfg that points to our server downloads those .z files and the Flash updates are contained in those files.


      That seens OK, but it isn't clear to me how the update server itself gets the next set of installer update files.

      Do I have to wait until I hear there is another Flash update available and then go manually download and extract another cab into those directories each time?

      Is there any way to set the update server to automatically download the newest cab  as soon as they are available and copy the z files from the cab into the correct directories?

      Since 11.9 is the current version, I am also guessing there will be a Flash version 12 soon and a new "12" directory will have to be created for those updates.