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    Exporting .htm file does not link with correct jpg file when emailed


      I created an .htm file about 2 months agoin Fireworks that was to be used as an emailer. When I exported it, it created an .htm and .jpg files that I needed to send to the client for approval. They could click on the .htm file and it would open in their browser for them to view. I got a reply back last week to make some modifications to the file and resend it. Now when I export it, it still saves both versions, but the .htm either links back to the old .jpg file or it does not open at all. When I double click the .htm file on my harddrive it opens correctly in my browser with external links still working, but when I email it, it loses the link.


      What do I need to do to get the .htm document to open on the corect .jpg file in their browser?