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    PDF's exported from ID takes extremely long to print

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      I'm not sure whether or not this is the right forum to post it in - if not, please direct me to the correct one :-)


      I work in the textile business, and our designers create some complex designs (lots of patterns ie.) in Illustrator, which they then "collect" in InDesign to create a sort of overview. These overviews tend to get quite large and heavy, because of all the links.


      When we need to print them, we usually export the document to PDF in order to make the printing easier. But for some reason, when we try to print a 30 MB pdf it'll take half an hour and I can see the document size getting bigger and bigger in the print-spooler (sometimes 1,5 GB or more), which can bring our printer to it's knees.


      As you can imagine, I'm getting hammered by frustrated designers, that can't understand why it takes such a long time to print the documents.


      So, I'm guessing the question is two-fold:


      1. Why do the documents get so large?

      2. Is there a way to avoid it?


      Also, if you have any good links that can shed some light on the best way to use Illustrator and InDesign together (to avoid issues like above), I would be thrilled to have them!


      Thanks in advance,