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    Yes/No fields, single line. Long question in seperate text field. How to avoid gap between lines?


      I have made two single-choice fields side by side (Yes and No) on one single line. The question for the choices is long, so I wrote it in a separate text field placed above the Yes and No fields. If I use the Yes field for the question, the No field would end up too far to the right.


      Question ....

      [Single-choice text fields space]

      [  ] Yes [  ] No


      Problem now is there's too much space under the question, since the automatic text fields in the Yes and No fields are still there, though "invisible"/not used. How can I have a long question on a single line and have the Yes and No fields on the next line without a big gap between the two lines? Is it possible to delete the automatic text field in the Yes and No fields?


      Just realised that if one makes a single Yes field, and a single No field to the right, you are ("of course") able to mark both the fields, since they are not linked anymore as with two choices in one field. The point with the single choice fields is then lost; to be able to choose only either one. Yes or No.

      [X] Yes   [X] No