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    Flash CS6 - Unable to save document (to windows server) [OSX Mavericks]

    Turt Hell Level 1

      Since updating to OSX Mavericks, I've been unable to save to our network server (HP Proliant with raid 6 running Windows 2008 R2).


      I can save to any given filename once (open an old file from pre-OSX update and then save / create a new file and then save it as something) - any subsequent saves to that file name result in a warning dialogue box similar to this:



      The original FLA will also corrupt during the attempted save process. The file size will also bloat.


      For example my intial test file is listed as 211KB in finder


      I open it perform an amend and save it once - that works fine. My file is still 211KB in finder


      I then reopen it for another amend and attempt to save.
      The unable to save warning dialogue appears. The file is now 421KB in finder and corrupt.


      If I try to resave after the first file save fails the file continues to bloat.

      e.g. if I attempt to save it another twice the file will now show as 843KB in finder and still be corrupt