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    Premiere Pro CC and missing audio tracks for .mts files


      Hello guys,


      I used to edit my .mts files with Premiere Pro CC without any issues until yesterday.

      Now I import my .mts file (made with a Sony VG900) but Premiere doesn't recognize the audio tracks (that I can hear just fine with VLC).

      I tried changing the extension in .m2ts but it didn't work, I also tried reinstalling Premiere but, again, it didn't work and I tried (I was desperate) to install Premiere CS6 just to check if maybe the problem was just about the CC version. Guess what? It didn't work...


      I tried also converting the file with Encoder in .mp4 but after the conversion I can't hear the audio with VLC and, of course, it doesn't work on Premiere.


      Do you think it's a Premiere issue or a file problem?


      I used those same files for other videos (like this one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H1X5vsZ-5yI) and I had no problems. Then I updated Premiere, I moved the files in other folder and the problem came to life.


      Any idea?


      (I'm waiting for my colleague to send me a new mts file just to check if I accidentally damanged the old ones).

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