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    HDD setup suggestions for casual video editing




      first time poster, got a newb question and would greatly appreciate your input.


      I know there are guidelines for a proper hdd setup and I read those, however I wouldn't say I fall into a professional category, so will do video editing casually. I have an i7 pc with 14GB of ram and I'm upgrading it right now - the disk config will be as follows:


      C: 128GB SSD (system, programs) HALF FULL

      D: 1TB 7200 stock Hitachi drive that shipped with the PC (data such as movies, music, photos, ect) HALF FULL

      E: 2TB WD BLACK (everything video related)


      I would like to keep things neat and organised. Now, I bought that 2TB disk solely for my video needs only to find out that it's advisable to use different drives for different work folders. Would it be really that bad an idea to store everything video related on E:? Meaning: Source files (media), previews, renders/exports, projects, media cache, etc. or would you say I would noticably benefit from moving some types of files elswhere?


      Please bear in mind that I will be editing short hd-ish videos made with dslr cameras. I do have other backup drives. Also, on a side note, only two HDDs will work in sata3 mode (C: and E:), third will be forced down to work in sata2 per motherboard specs, if that matters.