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    SQL to XML for AJAX


      I have been a CFer for a while and am dipping my toe into the Spry/AJAX world. What I am attempting to do is not only learn Spry/AJAX to develop RIAs, but go down the AIR path. I do nto know if this is the right place to ask this, but here goes...

      I hav a SQL database that contains the data for my app. If I were simply developing a CF app, I would just use a basic cfquery statement. In order to get an XML file out of the SQL database for my Spry/AJAX app, I built a file using the cfxml tag. It worked great, but my only concern is the refreshing of the XML file from the SQL database. What is the standard best practive to get this done? Do I call a CFschedule tag? Call the cfxml tag to run or what? I want to make sure my end users have the most upto date XML data as possible.

      Any guidance would be appreciated.

      Thanks in advanced.