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    Bug with Keyframes in new CC update (7.1.0)?

    TeeKayCC Level 2

      When I added the video effect Levels this morning and turned on keyframing for one of the parameters ((RGB) White Input Level, to be specific), I noticed that three buttons were missing, and they should be beside the newly added reset buttons.


      These are the buttons I'm talking about, and they're outlined in red in my example diagram

      • Go to Previous Keyframe
      • Add/Remove Keyframe
      • Go to Next Keyframe


      Current workaround: The only way to get these buttons to appear was to spin-open (the triangle outlined in green in my image) the affected parameter. After these buttons appeared, they stayed there like they're supposed to.



      Is anyone else having this problem?


      I'm running Windows 7 with SP1, and I've already filed a bug report. I just want to know if anyone else is having this problem, or if someone on the Premiere Pro development team can tell me if this is actually a bug, or one of those rare new "features" that actually seems more like a step backward in terms of usability.