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    New Internal Update Server Not Working

    web1c Level 1

      I just set up an internal update server for Flash on a Windows server running IIS7 following the instructions in the admin guide. 

      I had a Windows 7 64-bit client already running the latest version of Flash, so I uninstalled it and installed flash 11.7 last night. I also manually copied the mms.cfg file with auto update enabled and pointing to the server at server.domain.com.

      There are the settinngs in the mms.cfg






      I can open the path to the xml file through the browser from the client I want to update, so I know it does have web connectivity to the server.

      The mms.cfg file seems to be working because the Flash settings in control panel has the allow Adobe to check for updates button selected and grayed out.

      I waited overnight and nothing is happening.  No updates.  It is still on 11.7.


      How long is this supposed to take?

      How can I troubleshoot this to see what's going on with it?.  I see no errors anywhere, just nothing is happening.  I can't find logs that indicate that it is even "trying" to update from this server.  Where should this be?


      Can I prompt it to immediately check for updates from our internal server and control how often it checks?  When I click te check updates button, it still opens a browser and sends me to the Adobe web site.