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    Can't import AAF into Premiere 5.5 without it crashing.


      I am trying to export an Avid MC sequence as an AAF file and import it into Adobe Premiere Pro 5.5. I initially just had it link the media without copying it, and that imported fine, but when I had to relink the media in Premiere it said "The file has an unsupported compression type."

      Then I exported it as an AAF with the media copied, which obviously took awhile (this is a 26 minute video) but when I tried to import it Premiere immediately crashes.  Is it because the file is too large? is there anyway to fix this?


      I'm bringing it into Premiere because I'm putting the footage into a video display template from After Effects, and importing it directly into After Effects doesn't work either.
      I really need a resolution to this, any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks.