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    After Effects CC 12.1 Adding more Ram

    JR2010 Level 1

      Sorry, I've searched for this answer and haven't found anything about AE CC v12 and Ram, plenty on Ram, just not AE CC v12, actually v12.1 now.


      My question, is it better to have fewer slots of Ram with larger sticks, or more slots of ram with smaller sticks ?  Basically I want to add more ram to my system but not sure which of those is better, if any?


      I'm running a HP Z820 w/32 processors (hyperthread of course), nvidia k5000 & 32GB Ram.   I wanted to throw some more Ram into the system, maybe 64GB but wasn't sure it I should just add more to the 16 slots I have available or replace the sticks I have with larger ones ? OR maybe it's a waste of time/money.  The way capitol works here, i use it or lose it and not sure when the bank will be open again if ya know what i mean.


      thanks for any adivce and for answering my Ram question, much appreicated.



      Running windows 7 professional, Adobe Creative Cloud, C4D R15, maya, etc.