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    Get Adobe Extension Signing Certificate

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      I am a Creative Cloud member and have been working on developing an Extension for InDesign and InCopy versions CS 5.x and above. We are intending to extend the support for other Adobe products also at a later date. Until now, I have been signing the zxp file with a certificate that I created via ExtensionBuilder, but now, we are getting ready to ship the extension to some of our prospective customers as a beta version for some feedback. And for that I need to get the extension signed with a certificate by a recognized authority, so that user does not get an error looking message while installing the extension.

      I did look around a little on Adobe forums and google but could not get a concrete list or steps to do so. What I need to know is:

      1. what all kinds of certificates are available,

      2. how to choose which one I should go for,

      3. how to get the certificate,

      4. certificate's validity (number of uses / time period) and

      5. the cost involved.


      I believe the process of signing the extension will be the same (I am using ant script to build and sign the zxp); please correct me if I am wrong.


      Any help is much appreciated.

      - Swati.