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    Weird sort of caching

      Hello need a little assistance,

      I am working on an app and currently I have a couple of states where I am adding a form put together in a custom component. the data is bound to a datagrid. When I select a row from the datagrid I then change states and my form is added with an addChild in the <states> and all of that works just fine, but when I go back to the previous state and select another row from the datagrid and the state changes the previous selections information is displayed in the form. I have no idea why?????

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          WildSpidee Level 1

          I tried adding myForm.initialize() to my second state and it seems to work but only if I remove the addChildAction in my transition.

          Please let me know if I need to post some code.

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            Garyl Woolworth Level 1
            Inside of your form where you have your bindings how are they being bound? Is it like text={myDG.selectedItem.FIRSTNAME} I think we would need to see a little bit of code to at least show us what elements in the Datagrid your trying to bind compared to the form that should show the information. At first guess I think your form is changing states before the action of the Datagrid has reselected the new item. So when the form completes it still sees the old selectedItem puts the information there and then the Datagrid finishes selecting the new item. But without seeing any of the code I could be way off.