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    OpenCL AMD Cards work on gen 1 i7, but not gen 3 i7?

    Video Software Engineer

      I am having problems getting any OpenCL cards to work in Premiere CC (Windows) on my 3rd gen Intel machines.  All machines & cards are to spec. Premiere CC runs without error or crash, but any attempt to play video results in "white" video where normal video would play (non-accelerated works fine for what it is). This is true for i5-3570K and i7-3770K on similar Gigabyte motherboards using Radeon 6870, 7770, or 7870 cards. All combinations do the same thing. OpenCL with these cards works with these cards on an old 1st gen i7 (Dell XPS).  I believe that the Intel HD4000 OpenCL is interfering with the AMD OpenCL stuff.  I disabled the HD4000 in the bios, but it still shows up as working OpenCL device in GPU Caps Viewer, and problem persists. I contacted Intel and they said I can not truly disable OpenCL for the HD4000 on the CPU. The gen 1 i7 doesn't have integrated graphics, and I suspect this is why it is working properly?


      Any thoughts? I could be wrong about the Intel OpenCL interference, but I write video software myself, and it seems that Premiere CC is trying to use the Intel device to render to the AMD card.  Is the white video ouput symptomatic of anything else?

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          It turns out that this phenomenon was caused by bad drivers for an off-brand USB 3.0 Video Adapter I had tested several months ago and had forgotten about. Removing the drivers solved my problem instantly.  It was just double-bad luck that I had installed it on two nearly identical computers, making it look like an issue with the motherboard. Thankfully, both my Gigabyte-Thunderbolt motherboards work fine with Premiere.  As for the "White Video", while testing another configuration with one accelerated and one non-accelerated video card,  I did get the "White Video" when previewing to monitors attached to the non-accelerated cards, but I consider this a hardware problem, not software.  If anyone else has this problem, I would recommend cleaning their computers and making sure the cards they are using make sense for what they are doing.