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    How do I create a custom calculation script in a Adobe Acrobat XI form?


      I am building a time sheet.  Inside this time sheet i have two columns.  One column is labeled Hours and the other is labeled Hours Description.


      The fields are labeled under these columns as follows:


      Column Name      Hours          Hours Description

      Field Name          Hours1        HoursDesc1



      The user will input their hours in Numeric Field "Hours1" and will enter an abbreviation in Text Field "HoursDesc1", for example "A" for Administrative Leave or "C" for Compensatory.


      I want to build a script that if Text Field "HoursDesc1" equals "A" or "C" then display Numeric Field "Hours1", else equal 0.  If they enter anything other than "A" or "C", the result will be zero.


      Please help.


      Thank you.