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    Missing PDF link that is no longer in the document?


      Hello -


      I have this document that previously had a multi-page PDF linked file. After several iterations the PDF images were removed from the document. Recently our IT had decided to rename our servers so all the links in the document had to be relinked and that is when i noticed that Indesign still thinks this PDF is in the document even tho it doesn't designate a page number within the Link tab nor does it jump to the link upon "Go to Link". I have even tried to relink to the new location and it does nothing... i'm scratching my head. At the moment it has no adverse effects or corruption to document or otherwise, but i'd hate for something horrible to manifest itself later. Any ideas?


      One thing to note, is the PDF file name has "-" in the name. Not sure if this matters but i've seen some chatter here that refer to anomolies with alternative text in the file names.


      I'm working in CC and on a Windows 7.