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    How can I put my FormCentral form on a server?


      I have created a form on my desktop using FormsCentral and it works well. How can I move this form to a server so that I do not need to leave my desktop computer on all the time?

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          Josh_Corey Adobe Employee



          Are you using the FormsCentral desktop application that comes with Acrobat XI?  If that is the case you would need to sign into FormsCentral and then you could move the form online with the "Store online" button, you can do that either from the "My Forms" tab by selecting the form and clicking the "Move Online" button:

          Store online.PNG


          Or with the form open from the "Collect Respnses Online" tab by clicking "Move Form Online".


          Let me know if that answers the question.




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            Gymbo Level 1

            This was very helpful, but I did not ask the question correctly. I am new to FormsCentral and have now discovered that the only server that I can use is the Adobe server. That is great but at my University the form must be hosted by them so I am trying to figure out a way to move the form that I created in FormCentral desk top on my home office computer to the servers at school so that I can use it in my online course. I have the full paid version of FormCentral and and the Adobe Creative Cloud which comes with Acrobat XI. I started with Ls and loved it but the learning curve is a little steeper and I have a bit a deadline to meet.


            I am trying to see if there is some way that I could take what I created in FormsCentral and use it at my University to meet the IT standards there.


            Thanks so much,



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              Josh_Corey Adobe Employee

              Got it - a FormsCentral form can be "distributed" as a web form that is hosted on Adobe servers as you note, it cannot be moved to another server and does not provide any code to recreate the form on your own server.  The form can be embedded in your own website (hosted at your school) but the form would still be served from the Adobe servers.


              The collecting of responses is all done through our servers and available in your FormsCentral account, there is no system to recreate that without Adobe. 


              The form can also be distributed as a PDF, I am not sure this would meet your needs, but the PDF could be hosted on the schools server.  It would not be an online experience however, users would simply download the PDF to fill out in Adobe Reader (or Acrobat).  The PDF can be set up so it does not submit to Adobe, but you'd have to add your own method of collecting those responses (you could add an email button to email the completed form back to you).


              I hope that was more helpful, feel free to ask follow up questions if I didn't fully answer your question.




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