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    Premiere 7.1 patch has broken my multi-cam SOURCE monitoring :(


      Hi everyone, long time listening, first time caller It seems the 7.1 patch has introduced a maddening bug, one that I've tried up and down to work around. Heres the issue:


      My Apple Thunderbolt Cinema Display will no longer monitor multicam clips in the SOURCE window. I can be watching a 3-camera clip in the SOURCE window and my external monitor will display 1 camera angle (seemingly chosen at random), and when I click the other camera windows, it will not switch to them. The external monitor WILL WORK when its monitoring the PROGRAM window. Everything is fine there. The multicam, real time cutting between angles, etc etc. That works fine.



      My director can no longer watch dailies on the big screen, which is crippling our post workflow, and schedule.



      Here is what I have done to attempt to solve the problem. None of this has worked so far:


      1. Switched from CUDA, to OpenCL, to Software only mode.

      2. Downgraded my CUDA driver, then updated it again to the newest version.

      3. Deleted my ENTIRE media cache folder and let it rebuild/index everything overnight.

      4. Deleted my Adobe preferences files with Preference Manager.

      5. Rearranged the camera order in the new "Edit Cameras" feature.

      6. Turned my "Adobe Monitor 2: 2560x1440" on and off in the Playback tab of the Premiere preferences.

      7. Turned my "Adobe Monitor 1: 2560x1440" on and off in the Playback tab of the Premiere preferences.


      I am running OSX Mountain Lion, (not Mavericks). This was never a problem before the 7.1 patch.

      ALSO, the only way to get the external monitor to switch angels in the SOURCE window is to right click on the clip, go to "multicam", UNCHECK "Enable", then select a different anglel, and RECHECK, "Enable." This of course, is ridiculous.



      Can anyone solve this problem? Any and all insight would be very welcome. Cheers everyone.