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    Changing Object Style


      I have a script that adds a stroke around the piece, that is a spot color called Dieline. It works great except if the supplied file has a Object Style defined. The box it creates has that style applied to it. I would like to change the Object style to "None" but am having troubles figuring out how to accomlish this.


      Any help would be greatly appriecatated.


      //Script to create dieline at page size






      function main(){

          var myDocument = app.activeDocument;

          var myDielineColor = getOrAddColor(myDocument, "Dieline", ColorModel.spot, [100, 0, 0, 0])

          var myNoneSwatch = myDocument.swatches.itemByName("None");



          createLayer(myDocument, "Dieline");



          for (x=0;  x < app.activeDocument.pages.length ; x++) {

              myPage = app.activeDocument.pages[x]

              var myCoord = myPage.bounds;



              //Create the rectangle and move it to the Dieline layer

              var myRect = myPage.rectangles.add({fillColor:myNoneSwatch, strokeColor:myDielineColor, geometricBounds:(myCoord)});

              myRect.itemLayer = myDocument.layers.itemByName("Dieline");







      function createLayer(myDocument, myLayer){








      function getOrAddColor(myDocument, myColorName, myColorModel, myColorValue){


              var myColor = myDocument.colors.add();

              myColor.name = myColorName;

              myColor.model = myColorModel;

              myColor.colorValue = myColorValue;


           else {

              var myColor = myDocument.colors.itemByName(myColorName);


          return myColor


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          Jump_Over Level 5



          Do it in two separate steps:

          1. apply objectStyle "None"

          2. apply your properties


          so inside your loop:


          var myRect = myPage.rectangles.add( { appliedObjectStyle: myDocument.objectStyles.item(0) } );
          myRect.properties = {
               geometricBounds: myCoord
          myRect.itemLayer = myDocument.layers.itemByName("Dieline");



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            aoswood Level 1

            Thanks a bunch I was trying to do it all in one step and was banging my head against the wall. This makes sense.