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    CF Builder CFML toolbar


      I've been using CFEclipse for years, looking at CF Builder as an alternative.


      I installed the trial, been using it for a couple of days and like it so far, but I can't figure out (and I spent way to much time trying) how to get the CFML toolbar to show.


      I'm probably missing something very basic.


      Can anyone please point me in a direction?


      Using CF Builder on OSX Mavericks.


      Thank you

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          Anit_Kumar Adobe Employee

          Hello edwardhofler,


          Can you try clicking on "Window" on the menu bar and then click "Show Toolbar".


          Hope this helps.



          Anit Kumar

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            edwardhofler Level 1

            Hello Anit and thank you for replying.


            Show Toolbar is not an option on the Window dropdown menu.



            The only toolbar I have is:



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              Anit_Kumar Adobe Employee

              The "Show Toolbar" will only come up if, the top toolbar (first one in your screenshot) is hidden. Please try the following:-


              1. File>>New>>ColdfFusion Project and follow the wizard to complete.
              2. Rt-Click on the project created and select New>>ColdfFusion Page.


              The CFML toolbar would show up.



              Anit Kumar

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                edwardhofler Level 1

                Created a new project but I can not access it?


                When I open CF Builder, my existing project opens automatically. Going to the Project menu the only options not grayed out are Build Working Set, Build Automatically and Properties.


                I am unable to close the existing project or open the newly created one.


                During the new project setup, after selecting the server the Sample URL window states Sample URL is not available, Project is not in server web root. But everything works in the existing project except for the CFML toolbar and have yet to get breakpoints to work.



                The server is set to /Applications/ColdFusion10/cfusion for the server home and /Applications/ColdFusion10/cfusion/wwwroot for the document root.

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                  Anit_Kumar Adobe Employee

                  I can confirm that the CFML toolbar shows up on OSX Maverick at my end. It seems to be specific, to your CF Builder. Can you click on "Windows" on the menu bar and choose "Reset Perspective". Then you can try the steps mentioned in my previous post.



                  Anit Kumar

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                    edwardhofler Level 1

                    Thanks for sticking with me on this.


                    I reset the perspective, created a folder named magpie2 in the root (/Applications/ColdFusion10/cfusion/wwwroot) and created a new project called Magpie2. The Sample URL text box on the Server Details page still says "Sample URL is not available. (Project is not in the server web root local2)".


                    I canceled the new project dialog, created a new server (local3) and attempted the new project creation again, same message except it refers to local3.


                    I click on Next, leave Additional Source empty and select no applications.


                    I click on Finish.


                    Project appears in the Navigator.


                    I right click and select New CF Page.


                    It creates the untitled.cfm page, which I save.


                    Toolbar is unchanged:









                    Edward Hofler