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    Render takes a lot of time with the last update of premiere

    CinematographyArtStudio Level 1

      Hope you can help me.



      2 mac book pro
      Processor :: 2.7Ghz Intel Core i7

      Memory :: 16GB

      SSD :: 512GB

      One iMac


      Processor  3,4 GHz Intel Core i7

      Memory  16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3

      Graphics  NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680MX 2048 MB

      Fusion Drive 3TB

      Software  OS X 10.9 (13A603)



      The problem is in all of them.


      I’ve update premiere PRO CC to the latest version and having huge problems, we are a company and we are having lots of problems because we can’t work

      The problem is when I try to render just one single clip of 6 seconds it takes at least about ten minutes to render…


      We have put the Mac BookPro to factory settings, installed only premiere PRO CC, and still having the same problem