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    useing edge docks spotlight with muse


      Hi all

      I have a problem

      i've created a youtube videos spotlight  using the extention from edge docks - http://www.edgedocks.com/edgecommons#anchor_edgecommons_10

      all works perfectly when I'm publishing it.

      in order to implement the file in muse  im publishing an OAM file

      when I'm exporting the file only the youtube movies dosen't show up - I get only sound (the rest of the animation regardless to spotlight works great!)



      any ideas????


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          elainecc Adobe Employee

          Hi, mirifarr-


          It's very likely your scripts aren't getting included in the OAM file, as we don't package anything that the Animate project doesn't display in the Library Panel.  You can either edit your OAM file manifest (not recommended) or import into Muse in a different manner.  We're looking at resolving this for a future version of Animate, so keep your eyes peeled!