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    OMF: Insufficient Media for this Clip. What does this mean???

    Paul Whishaw Level 1

      I am trying to export an OMF from Premiere Pro CC, whatever the latest interation is. When exporting the OMF with trimmed audio selected, I consistently get the following popup:


      Insufficient Source Media for this clip!

      Event Media length is not equal to Actual Media length!

          /Volumes/xxxx/MEDIA/EXPORTS/For_AUDIO/WB_SFX 11-04-13/Audio Files/14c9a54c-5181-497e-9f55-67969598ea8e.11.aif


      The offset into the source file is 0 samples.

      The clip length is 259459 samples.

      That means we need 259459 samples in the source file.

      The media length is 259200 samples.

      The Reel name is:  "AX"

      Audio 1_L




      I have no idea what this means and I have no idea how it affects the exported OMF. I also have no idea what "14c9a54c-5181-497e-9f55-67969598ea8e.11.aif" is. I can assure you I have NO audio clips with that name. I export the exact same media (using an FXP XML from Premiere) and the OMF comes out perfectly. So what is Premiere doing???? Very frightening. I don't do much audio so I can't really test the OMF to see what is happening. Does NOT inspire my confidence in Adobe.


      My rig: