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    Why are pictures in motion pixelated?


      Edge Animate does a good job of smoothing / anti-aliasing imported objects when stationary. But when they are in motion, it doesn't seem to do anything of the sort. It's not good because they move around with poor image quality, and then you can see it "pop" into its smoothed form about a half second after it stops moving.


      This happens with PNG for sure, I haven't extensively tested to see what other file types it happens with.


      Is there any way around this? To me it looks very bad and unprofessional.



      Also, objects in motion tend to be  blur (motion implementation) and "stutter" (lag effects) easily, unlike Flash in which the opposite was true. Is this just how Edge Animate works? For example of this, create something that bounces around in a box (think Pong) and it's not a solid clear shape the whole time, it's kind of an ugly trial as it moves around.

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          elainecc Adobe Employee

          Hi, Sduibek-


          Have you tried the same images on a non-Animate file?  Sometimes browsers can render jaggies due to having to scale at the same time, as well.  Is your image scaled in some way?  It would be really helpful if you could post your files for us to take a look at.





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