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    Audio missing from Merged Clips

    rhead12 Level 1

      Okay, editing a feature film on Premiere CC.  Just imported a project into my working project that contained the merged clips I created using my video (Red footage) and 2nd source audio.  Files had been all renamed in Premiere to match scene/shot numbers.  Kept only the merged clips, deleted everything else from working project folder, as I had for all the other clips that work perfectly fine.  Edited the new clips last night, working perfectly.


      Reopened project this morning to continue working, and now all of the clips have dead tracks as in no audio.  The actual tracks are there, but there's no sound.  I doubled clicked on just the audio track in the clip in the sequence and it's red in my source window.


      How can I fix this?

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          Vinay Dwivedi Adobe Employee

          Hi rhead12,


          Please right click on the audio in the timeline and go to audio channels and if the source channels are set to none, change them to left and right and check.






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            rhead12 Level 1

            That seemed to fix the problem in the clips I've already edited thanks.  What about the ones I'm still trying to edit?  When I double click on the file to bring it into the source window, it also plays with no audio.


            What is the cause of this problem?

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              Vinay Dwivedi Adobe Employee

              Hi rhead,


              Please try to trash the preferences and clean the media cache files. Also, create a new sequence and copy the old into the new one. This problem may arise if Premiere pro fais to assign the audio channels to the clips.






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                rhead12 Level 1

                Hmm, okay.  How do I trash those?

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                  Vinay Dwivedi Adobe Employee

                  Hi rhead12,


                  Please follow the steps provided below:



                  For windows: Go to C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Premiere Pro and rename the 7.0 to old7.0


                  For MAC: Go to <drive>/Users/<username>/Library/Preferences/Adobe/Premiere Pro and rename 7.0 to old7.0


                  Please make sure that Premiere pro is closed while performing this step.






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                    rhead12 Level 1

                    Did not fix the issue.

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                      rhead12 Level 1

                      Still getting no playback audio from source clips.

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                        Vinay Dwivedi Adobe Employee

                        Hi rhead12,


                        Have you tried to replace the clips? if not, please try to replace the clips and check if the replaced media plays fine in Premiere pro or not.






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                          rhead12 Level 1

                          Doing that will cost me an entire days worth of work.  What is causing this issue?  Why is premiere defaulting the clips to none audio tracks?

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                            rhead12 Level 1

                            Okay, I have replaced the footage now.  I'm seriously getting extremely frustrated, I do not understand why this is happenning with this batch of footage and hasn't happened with anything else in my project file.  I've replaced the footage as you suggested, wasteing about 2 hours of time.  Same process, cleaned project of all the clips but merged file, NO AUDIO!!!!

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                              rhead12 Level 1

                              Please help me with this!  What is causing this issue?  It has never happened before, the only thing I can think of is I just did the latest update.

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                                DarthKcaj Level 1

                                I am experienceing the same issue, here is some more information if it helps the debug team.




                                I rename Video and audio (.r3d vision and .wav audio)


                                I find pairs and merge them, replacing camera audio with .wav


                                Now my project is taking too long to load on startup, so I duplicate project and delete all origial clips leaving just the merged takes.


                                This is where the issue occurs- after this, some clips playback fine, some clips are without audio.


                                Checking 'modify> audio channels' both in timeline and in project window will produce results identical to those posted by user rhead12 above.


                                hope that helps the debug team, and thank you adobe for regular updates!

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                                  Same issue as DarthKcaj, only I didn't delete any clips from the project pane, just reorganzied a bit. Next day when I open the project, merged clips are having this problem. Any word on a solution to prevent this from happening, and a way to fix it that doesn't require touching each merged clip individually?

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                                    derboti Level 1

                                    I'm using the same workflow and reproduced the bug in 7.2.1. The issue is cut & paste of the merged clip.


                                    After merging audio and video clips I would select the newly merged clip in the project bin, hit cut, select a different bin, and hit paste. The merge clip gets moved to the new bin, but also gets corrupted. From now on, the merged clip is missing audio information. When placed on the timeline, audio tracks are colored red and show no wavefrom. Even "Link media" can't properly associate the merged clip with the audio again.


                                    To reproduce the bug, It's not necessary to delete the original clips that were merged, nor is it necessary to save and reload the project. After cutting & pasting the merged clip is damaged immediately.


                                    Easiest workaround for now is to use drag & drop to move the merged clips to a different bin. That does not corrupt the files.


                                    Hopefully a staff member can notice this thread and report the bug to development.

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                                      I just got this error of missing audio in merged files after working on the project on an imac, when I opened the project on my macbook pro the merged audio files were blank. All the media was on external hard drives. I was wondering whether its the cache files that could be the problem and if cache files should be set to the external drives as well?

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                                        Jith Paul

                                        Hi Vinay,

                                        I have the identical issue.  Trashing the preference didn't work.  R3D files, H6 audio, synched, merged and now the merged files need to have all their audio reset to avoid the salmon coloured audio tracks.  Any way to edit the merged files en-mass without having to open them individually and changing the audio track assignments?  I have hundreds of takes to modify so any tips would be greatly appreciated.


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                                          I am having the same problem.  I manually synced 16 days worth of footage for a feature film.  There was no scratch audio in the camera so I had to do this all the old school way instead of using PluralEyes.  There was also a minimum of 3 audio tracks and at times up to 5 audio tracks.  I merged all my Audio and Video and organized it in projects based on each day.  I then made separate projects for editing with 10 scenes in each project.  (Side note I don't like that you can't have multiple projects open at once.  It's a pain to have to close a project in order to open another.)  After closing and then reopening a project I am also getting the non recognition of the merged audio and it shows up red.  I did change the audio channels and that worked, but what a pain to have to do with over 8TB of footage.  ADOBE PLEASE FIX THIS!!!!!!

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                                            cscooper2013 Level 2

                                            I just discovered this bug tonight.  In my case, I am not seeing the red "missing footage" track.  My tracks look fine.  I performed my merge and then cut & pasted clips from the top-level bin—where merged clips are put by default—into a lower-level folder such as Project/interviews/guest/A Cam.   I then dragged all of my merged clips to the "New Sequence" icon at the bottom of the Project Panel.  This created a new sequence where only a few clips suffered their in silence.  In an attempt to perhaps restore the audio, I saved the project and closed Premiere Pro.  When I re-opened the project, ALL of these clips were missing audio.  Again, no warning message or otherly-colored audio track.  Just silence where there should be beautiful sound.


                                            ASUS G75VX Laptop w/ Windows 7, 64-bit

                                            Intel i7-3630 (no integrated graphics)

                                            16GB RAM

                                            NVIDIA GTX-670MX w/ 3GB VRAM