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    InDesign CC suddenly slow, locks up when opening files from network drive


      All of my InDesign books and documents are stored on a network drive. Everything was working fine when I left work on Friday, and then all of a sudden this morning (Monday) when I opened a book and the 8 documents it contained, InDesign started getting sluggish, locking up, and eventually not responding. I couldn't click anywhere in the documents to edit, I couldn't drag a document to my second screen, I couldn't search the documents for a term, nothing. I tried opening the book and documents several times, and had to end InDesign from the Task Manager each time. It seemed worse the more documents I had open. However, when I copied these same documents over to my local desktop and opened them from there, everything worked fine, as it always has before.


      I submitted a ticket with my company's IT dept and they're going to look into it, but is it possible this is an InDesign CC issue and not a network issue? I thought at first it had to do with the InDesign update Creative Cloud prompted me to install on Friday; that's the only thing I can think of that's different from when I left work Friday and arrived today. However, a coworker who did NOT install the upgrade is having the same problem opening the same files from the network.


      Has anyone else experienced similar issues opening InDesign CC files from a network drive?