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    Everybody needs a adobe ID for sending emails?

    schmidtchen2408 Level 1

      Dear Adobe-team,

      Is it really necessary that everyone who want's to recieve results of a form by mail requires an Adobe ID? Is there no other way?

      The customers want to see the data transmitted or received and NOT become a member at Adobe. That is much too complicated to explain, takes far too long and can be difficult to clear to the receiver. So this not useful for customer use...


      Once again, thanks for your feedback.


      Kind regards



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          Lucia Lao Employee Moderator


            Yes, in order to receive email Notification (with or without the data submitted) once your form fillers have submitted a response to your form, you need an AdobeID (and also this AdobeID needs to be verified as well)


          As a workaround you could create a AdobeID with a distribution-list email address. Then you add your customer email address to your distribution list.