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    Full-text search broken in Simplified Chinese?


      Can anyone confirm whether full-text search works in Simplified Chinese CHM files produced with Robohelp 7? It looks to me like the answer is no. When I compile a help system that has been localized into Chinese, the compiler produces this error:

      Generating full-text search data...
      HHC5008: Error:
      An unknown error occurred while creating the index.

      There's no mention of this error in any of Adobe's support documents. Googling "HHC5008" and "unknown error" finds one page (in Japanese) that indicates that the problem stems from using a binary index. Robohelp will not let me disable the binary index since I'm using an HHK.

      Oddly, if I change the language of my otherwise unmodified source (English) project to Simplified Chinese, the same error occurs.

      The Robohelp Readme lists as a known issue "Search not working for Unicode (Hiragana) characters on RoboHelp for HTML (RHT)." This problem is perhaps related, but not identical to the one I'm having. It would also appear that the statement in the FAQ, "Full text search is also operational in any of the languages," is false.

      I'm evaluating RH7, which will not be useful to me if this bug persists.

      Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.