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    Printing Issue Common Lib Accessor fail


      Im printing with a canon ipf 5100 I use Mac 10.8.5


      CS5 has a plug in for this printer but nothing yet for the new Photoshop cc, however reverting to the CS5 gives me the same errors now as well.


      Issue Description: Im experiencing an issue printing in photoshop CC

      I tried reverting to photoshop cs5 but that also give the same error now


      Changing the destination paper to Untitled would cause a conflict that cannot be resolved. No change will be made.


      Photoshop wont let me change any printer options paper ect, it only wants to use 8.5 x 11 tray (this is a large format roll based printer so i dont use the tray)


      I also get an Common Lib Accessor fail issue with huge scripting that is sent to you over and over no matter what i try ( i have this as well i can paste it (14 pages)


      I have tried in both versions of photoshop, My old photoshop used to work fine i also used a plugin for my canon printer and it work

      ed as well


      I have put this issue in with Canon as well


      if anyone at all can help id be greatful i have jobs piling up (work)