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    IndCS6 Master Pages not applying template



      I have a 118 facing page document with 24 different master pages.


      I have applied split master pages across the document, by either dragging the Left or Right master page to the relevant document page thumbnail.



      p1-9 master page A

      p10-16 master page B

      p17-28 master page C

      p29-35 master page D



      Where the facing pages have different templates, the page thumbnail view shows the correct master page letter, but is not showing the correct master page content.


      Left Page          Right Page

      p16=Master B     p17=Master C


      page 16 is showing master page B in the thumbnail preview but applying the content from Master C.


      All master pages were showing correctly the last time I printed, so I am not sure what I have changed in the settings for it to not to show correctly now?


      thanks for your assistance