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    Can I separate subclips from a roughcut sequence to key individually?

    Benjamin Waller Level 1



      I have a question about keying different green screen shots in a sequence.


      I have brought a RoughCut from Prelude CC into Premiere Pro CC and then created a sequence from that RoughCut. I want to use the Ultra key  for the shots however the lighting is very different as a result of the position of the talent when recording. So the green screen compositing will be very different for the 2 type of shots I recorded. My question is, is there a way of separating the subclips from this sequence onto a different track so I can key them separately?


      Or would it be easier to add the subclips into the sequence directly onto separate tracks ? I spend heaps of time doing all these roughcut in Prelude with lots of metadata so I was hoping I could just use them instead of starting over in Premiere.


      I'd appreciate any suggestions.