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    Fix for Camera Raw 5.7 ignoring .xmp files?


      I have a problem, some people seem to have: From a certain date on, every sidecared .xmp gets completely ignored. Camera Raw as well as Bridge seem to ignore them. They get created, whether I open them with Bridge or CR. Someone suggested I could fix this problem by associating the CR2 Format with Bridge or Photoshop (CS4), it worked for a while... if I opened it with the Windows Explorer. Opening a CR2 with Bridge netted in the same result: .xmp gets created, but gets ignored by Bridge and Camera Raw. Now even that fix doesn't seem to work: Neither CR nor Bridge want to acknowledge the files.


      Is there a fix for that I'm unaware of?



      It seems I have found the problem: Someone mentioned it might have something to do with the timestamp of the files not being correct. I checked the date and time of my camera and realised I haven't changed the time, as Daylight-saving changed. Now the .xmp files read correctly. Perhaps that is some use for other people.


      €, Update2:

      I checked several things: If the modified time of the file lies in the future (here 1hr.), Bridge and Camera Raw have a problem recognizing the .xmp cause it seemed to have been created before the Photo was shot/modified last time. I took the pictures at 01:05pm (the were timed at 02:05pm). CR and Bridge ignored all .xmp-files created before 2:05pm. After 02:05pm, everything worked fine again.