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    Please help with making website compatible with all screen sizes

    Virtually Online

      I have recently made a new website using both Adobe Edge Animate and Adobe Dreamweaver.


      It looks great and does exactly what I want it to do for the moment. However when using the site on a large screen, anything larger than an ipad mini the site only fills a section of the screen.


      Have tried to seach on google for the answer to this and came accross a number of potential solutions.


      1, changing the pixel values in Dreamweaver for my site from for example "1024px" to "100%" this sadly did nothing.


      2, changing the px values of the Adobe Edge Animate composition from for example "1024px" to "100%" again sadly this did nothing.


      3, combining both the above to see if they had to work in conjunction with each other... again though, sadly no luck.


      The site address is www.serenabalfour.com


      I would really appreciate it if anyone could give me some advice on this issue... I really want to sort it out for this friend of mine.


      Thanks very much