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    Optimize for UpRez


      I am UpRezing an original standard resolution project and its sequences.  Should I choose for the project and sequence settings the dimensions of the original footage (720i anamorphic wide) or the intended output (1920x1080i square pixel)?  I used 1440x1080i for project and sequence, but 1920x1080 for the output in Media Encoder and the process time was horrific (22 hours for a 40 minute sequence).

      What settings are best for my desired output?  Also what are best for 1:33 ratio UpRez?

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          TeeKayCC Level 2

          Personally, I like to work at the final output size, because if I add anything new like titles, they'll be nice and crisp on export. So personally, I'd recommend doing what you did and starting with a larger sequence.


          The encode time difference between upscaling in the sequence versus upscaling after the fact with the media encoder should be pretty negligible. Not sure why you were getting 22 hours. Either way, the encoder is going to look at each frame and have to process upscaling that frame of the video.