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    Psychedelic effects?


      I'm interesting in replicating some of the effects in this video:




      - at 1:04, the color changes on the moving ovals

      - at 3:53, all of the transparency effects between the objects/characters.  Are these just layer modes?

      - at around 4:00, the spinning background (with changing colors)


      Is it possible to do these things in After Effects?  How can I go about it if so?

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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          Yes, all of that is rather simple in After Effects.


          You can create the animated shapes using shape layers. You can layer items on top of one another and use blending modes and opacity animation. And you can create abstract backgrounds in a number of ways, including heavily blurring live-action footage and adjusting its colors.


          Start here to learn After Effects:


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            I love this album so much. It has accompanied me since I was in high school. Still my favorite album ever made by anyone. Animal Collective has really captured the psychedelic experience with Merriweather Post Pavilion

            Yeah I want to make psychedelic effects as well.

            Use layer effects like difference, they are cool