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    Distorted video after export




      I have exported a video using AVCHD mp4 format. 25 fps. 1280x720 px. Aspect "Square Pixels(1.0) 1:1. Both tried CBR and VBR. With target bitrate 1.6 Mbps. See the attached pic for settings. And also see the distorted video problem I have. Can you please help me with correcting the export settings? Thanks.


      Skärmavbild 2013-11-05 kl. 17.12.52.png


      Skärmavbild 2013-11-05 kl. 17.17.13.png

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          The image of the lady shows interlace artifacting and that doesn't make sense since the export was progressive and that should deinterlace the footage. One thing to check, I see that Aspect Ratio is set to "Custom", this ought to be 16:9 so please try that. Also just noticed "TV Standard" is set to "NTSC", should be "PAL" for 25fps video.


          Perhaps you should take a step back. What is the intended delivery format? There are a ton of H.264 presets and most of them willl yield good results. You have everything customized and that is likely the issue. I would start with a decent preset and see what that does before you change things around.




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